Internal Communication Video

Over the last few years’ there has been a significant uptake in companies embracing video as an integral part of their internal communications strategy. In many cases the traditional methods of communication such as newsletters and email broadcasts have been replaced with video simply because they no longer work and video has been proven to do so.

Today’s progressive companies understand that people tend to avoid reading large amounts of text and are far more likely to consume information via video.[1] So how can companies use video to build employee engagement, to inspire and unify the diverse range of their people?

The answer to this question is a list that is only limited by your imagination. To get you started, however, here are some examples of videos that we have produced as part of internal communications:

  • Monthly video newsletters
  • Sales and Service Training videos
  • Induction videos
  • Safety training videos
  • Meet the team videos
  • Product training videos
  • Milestone celebration videos

Internal Communication Video

It’s time to take video seriously within your people development department with internal communication video. Key messages can be constantly and effectively communicated to staff using video. This leads to an informed, better trained, more responsive and connected workforce.

The large proportion of internal communications video that we produce is private and confidential and we are unable to share online. However,  you can rest assured that here at Video Experts we know how to build internal communication videos that have become valuable to out clients.

Having said that, here is an example of a recruitment video that whilst is not internal was produced in conjunction with the HR department and is a good example of communicating company values, in this case, to a public audience but it could just as easily be internal as well e.g as part of a “this is a career not a job” campaign.

By the way, as you are interested in internal communications video. you will also find this article titled; “3 ways to use video to create greater staff engagement” useful as well.

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